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    The Blog — menswear

    Dress for your body type

    Dress for your body type

    In today’s mini-guide, we help you figure out the shape of your body to dress, look, and feel better. This is not saying that you can’t follow trends; you can always pick the trends that look best with your body. If you have a hard time understanding the shape of your body or need a fair opinion, you can always ask a friend or a family member for help. It’s time to understand your body.

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    1. A Classic White Shirt

      Nothing is more essential in a man’s wardrobe than a white collared shirt. Whether you have a wedding, a barbecue or a meeting, there will always be a time you need one… so buy a few and keep them well maintained.

    2. Crew Neck T-shirts

      Everyone owns t-shirts and wears them through the seasons, either on their own or under layers. 
      We recommend having crew neck t-shirts in these colors white/black, /grey,  these shirts have multi purposes with a greater range of your other clothes.

    3. Dark Blue Jeans

      Dark blue jeans  adds versatility to your wardrobe, you can pair it with a blazer or suit jacket and still look elegant, or dressed down with pullover and check shirt… and still look elegant.


    1. A blazer

    Blazer can be worn with jeans or chinos and suitable for casual events as well as certain red-carpet events. Fit, like a suit, is all important and we suggest you choose a colour which works with the majority of shirts in your wardrobe.


    1. A Pair Of Sneakers

    Key item in the modern man’s wardrobe, as sneakers invade workplaces and even formal events as an acceptable and highly fashionable style of footwear. Start by a pair of bright sneaker such as white they work with jeans, they work with chinos, they even work with a suit, if the styling is right.


    1. A Reliable Watch

    A masculine looking piece of wrist wear is highly recommended for completing your look. Consider its Colors, and how it looks against your belt, bag and shoes when putting together your outfit.


    1. A Pair Of Black Lace-Ups

    Every man needs a pair of chic classic shoes. They're simple enough to be worn with a suit, while the elegant shape means that they can just as easily be worn with a tux. Even you can wear it on jeans.

    1. Hand Bag

    You will need it in the office, or an overnight stay, a small hand bag is a must have for every guy.

    1. Denim Jacket

    The Denim jeans have more purposes than you think! You can wear it over a sweatshirt or simple tee also you can wear it with a pair of jeans in a different hue.


    1. Trench coat

    Trench coat can be worn in many ways, wear a trench coat in a much more formal way by wearing it over the top of a suit or blazer jacket. on the other hand, if you're looking for a way to add another layer to your casual clothes, then you can easily put one on.